Augmented Routes is a location-based mobile guide and companion app, an immersive way to discover and explore locations and content through augmented reality, virtual reality, photo, video or text, from the device already in your pocket.


Based on routes or individual locations, Augmented Routes shows you the way, and informs you of hot spots and content on those locations.

Look around the past, present or future, see through walls, step into alternate realities, look inside machines, contraptions or look at the world on microscopical levels.

Explore, discover, learn and enjoy stories in virtual reality, augmented reality, video, animations, photography and text.


  • Augmented Routes will tell you when you're close to something
  • Open the app and follow the simple instructions
  • Enjoy the VR, AR, 3D, photo, video or text content
  • Test your knowledge by taking one of the quizzes


We built a simple to use, web-based content management system (CMS) to publish your content onto the platform.

  1. Create a location and set a perimeter
  2. Add the location to a route if you like
  3. Upload VR, AR content, pictures, video or text
  4. Create quizzes

The content is available immediately in the mobile app.

If you need fresh content created, we'd be happy to help, we have a skilled production team.